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The FATEA team would be more than happy to take the time to review your material. We prefer to review physical copies of albums, but if your release is online only, we will try and review it, but please ensure that any download you send for review includes press release and sleeve. We do not review streams or YouTube videos.

Please include contact details on any communications. Also please ensure that you let us know the release date, if it's not already out and if you are not taking a single from an album, what two tracks you might prefer for airplay. We will, of course, link back to your website. Please try and include a link to on your website, it helps us to help you.

Whilst we will do our best to review any release that comes through the office we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to review everything

We are always interested in hearing from anyone that may consider being a reviewer for Fatea and joining the team.

Please send review material to:

PO Box 2218
BH17 7ZZ

You may wish to email us to let us know to expect a package. If you do so, please include album title etc. If you can please include an electronic copy of the sleeve with the email

Reviews listed below are alphabetical(based on first word), our most recent reviews are listed in the right hand column. Click on the Archive Button for our site prior to 01/10/11 or use our new Site Search to find all the pages relating to the artist you're looking for.

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